We are in the process of converting 55 Victoria Road into an addiction and mental health resource hub.

We are looking for entities that would complement our team of three methadone clinics and a pharmacy that specialises in dispensing to this demographic.

Our plan is to build a compatible team of professionals willing to work as a group with our treatment modality.

You would be required to participate in monthly meetings with others in the building, and a monthly meeting with all stakeholders including local community groups through using our technology. This would be done by computer.

Our plan calls for a low barrier clinic, and a day use facility with day beds, lockers, showers, laundry and self consumption stations separated from treatment, but as part of a continuum of services.

We are also planning on implementing an outreach program using two security ambassadors to bridge concerns between users, businesses and residents. These ambassadors will also offer an outreach function providing information to street users and to encourage them to visit the facility for any number of the services.

This building is well known to the street population as a safe place to seek help.

We have been meeting with provincial, municipal and agency stakeholders and continue to keep the channel open in efforts to save lives, and to help those who have found themselves addicted to opioids return to their families and employment.