Future Works

Jean Burns

Work will continue on this site closer to the fall. We recently had an abatement company on site to perform some additional remediation work, however, our environmental consultant flagged and identified additional works that may require more than simply having a crew hand remove materials. (shown on the green and some white)

If we demolish all of it at the same time, all materials will be considered contaminated and will have to be treated as such with costs of $500.00 per tonne plus various charges.

Therefore, sections such as this will require to be handled independently of the final demolition and requiring a final clearance certificate prior to performing any other works or site access.

Smaller issues, such as left over glue from tiles also needs to be removed prior to any further demolition.

Bracing cannot be installed due to potential damage from slab and beam removal, and will have to be done in concert with removal.

55 Victoria Road

Following vandalism of our rooftop electrical writing, we had to remove eight conductors of high voltage wiring from the roof of this building, and run it along the front.

Before the fall, we are going to invest in a new roof and new heating and cooling air conditioners to replace units that are close to 30 years old.