Tenant Survey

This page is for tenants of 55 Victoria Road only.

When answering the following questions, please keep in mind:

Some directions we are exploring include:

  • Increase in mental health and addiction, chiropractic, counselling, naturopathic and alternative medicine. In other words, a medical centre.
  • Increase in business services, business incubator, hot desking services, telecommunications with full fibre access to the internet. This would also include tele-conferences.
  • Education and training centre, computer training, occupation training, first aid training and the like.
  • Increase in professional arts and culture


Please tell us if you are an actual tenant, or an employee
Please tell us how long you have been a tenant, or an employee at this location of the tenant.
Please select one of the answers above.
We need a focus on this building. Please help us decide the direction we should take, and the investment we should make.
If you needed to report a concern, or an incident, would you know how to do that?
Please take the time to think about your time at this building. What would you like to see change.